Usage instructions Erogan

How to apply tablet Erogan

Besides high performance and reasonable prices, tablets Erogan are easy to use. Unfortunately, sometimes in the packaging tool is missing the insert instruction, so many men are wondering how to take the drug. In the instructions to Erogan described the following requirements and recommendations:

How to use Erogan

  • drops: pills twice a day – morning and evening before bedtime;
  • the pill: the pill should be 1 thing a day before meals;
  • if the tool is used to prevent erectile dysfunction, pills have per day;
  • the therapeutic course of the drug Erogan is at least 1 month, and positive results will be noticeable after 6-8 days.

This tool to fight against impotence is a certified dietary Supplement. Pills have been tested through laboratory and clinical testing, the results of which the international inspection bodies gave the manufacturer a certificate confirming the efficacy and safety of funds.

The composition of the drops and tablets to increase potency are natural and harmless, so the drug has no contraindications. But the manufacturer recommends to refrain from accepting men who have individual intolerance of any component. Also, this remedy has no side effects.